About us

What can we tell you about Marvel Bookkeeping?

We are a small team of bookkeeping superheroes dedicated to saving small businesses from financial bad times.

The sad fact is that all bookkeepers are not equal…with a combined experience of over 70 years we know what makes great bookkeeping, which in turn makes for great business for our clients.

We know that accurate, timely financial records are essential to business success, so we have developed our Core Values with this in mind.

Core Values

A Bespoke Service
Bookkeeping that is as unique as your business, not a one-size doesn’t fit all service
A Partner in Business
We’re always available for advice and support – no question too stupid
A Flexible Service
Want to do some stuff yourself, fine by us, we’ll even teach you how
A Reliable Service
We won’t let you down, we deliver, on time, every time
An Accurate Service
We’ll agree how your bookkeeping will be done and it will be right – every time

Our founder Kate

Kate has over 20 year’s experience in finance and bookkeeping and is a particular expert in the Construction Industry and CIS. Kate spent much of her early career with the Housing Association before deciding to start her own bookkeeping business in 2015.

Kate is passionate about supporting small business owners with high quality bookkeeping services, so they can focus on their business. Kate is always there for her clients, as you will read in our Testimonials and she often hears the immortal phrase ‘I wish I had contacted you sooner’.

Our Team



Michelle has been in Finance for over 22 years (17 years of which were in the Construction Industry). She met Kate at the Housing Association, and joined her team in 2019. She loves numbers and is a total Xero geek.

She has a rescue chow chow dog, who came over from Hungary, her dog has travelled further than her! She also has a rescue tortoise who loves climbing, although is terrible at it!. She loves gardening, and in particular collects fuchsias and agapanthus’. She doesn’t like peas!



Marie met Kate at the Housing Association many years ago and until she had a conversation with her she thought she was scary!

She has a crazy yet absolutely adorable Springer Spaniel called Vega whom she adores. She loves the Teddy Rocks festival which happens every year in her home town!



Jenna first met Kate on the school run. She has been studying accounting for 5 years and has recently fully qualified. She has also worked in the finance industry for the last 3 years.

Jenna has a love for CrossFit and weightlifting and in her teenage years she worked as a chef and has a diploma in cheese!



Leanne recently became a fully qualified bookkeeper, but has worked in finance for over 20 years.

She has 2 boxer dogs (just like Kate) and enjoys playing netball for the local team, Wessex Firebirds, who won the Blandford League last season! Finally Leanne loves any excuse for a social event with friends.